An in-your-home consultation designed to jump start your project:

• Your Vision
• Feasibility & Costs
• By-Laws & Process
• Kitchen table sketches & brainstorming

Accurate existing condition drawings & rigorous analysis are the foundation for a successful project.

Further developed drawings & 3D sketches.

All the discussions, ideas, drawings & analysis from the 3 steps above are compiled in the form of the RenoReport, which is yours to keep. Remember: know where you’re going before you start.

Take your time to consider the information in the RenoReport. You have lots of options:

• Going Ahead • Building New
• Postponing • Doing Nothing
• Selling & Moving       

Whatever you decide, the RenoReport will be an invaluable tool in your decision making process.

You now know where you’re going but what happens next? From now on until the day you move into your completed new home, the key to a successful project is committing to the process.

The design ideas from the RenoReport are firmed up and developed. More rigour is brought to the process of studying details, materials, proportions, interiors selections & much more.

Your builder needs as much detailed information as possible to orchestrate the construction process efficiently. Organization, scheduling, cost control & quality are much more under the builder’s control when he is given quality construction documents to work with. This includes all the interior specifications from door handles, floor coverings, cabinet work, etc. and of course the kitchen sink.

Thoughtful interiors make or break a project, yet this step is often overlooked or undervalued. Whether you do it yourself or use a professional, having all the interior specifications early in the process greatly helps construction, budgeting & scheduling

These two tasks can be occurring simultaneously. Once construction drawings are complete, we make an application on your behalf for a building permit. This can take 2-10 weeks for the Building Department to process. In the meantime, selected builders can be preparing proposals for your project.

With permit in hand and a builder selected, construction can now begin — transforming the old to the new becomes a reality. Expect some bumps along the way. The better prepared you are, the smoother ride you’ll have. We remain involved throughout the construction phase collaborating with the builder to ensure the best possible result.

You knew where you were going before you started, now is the time to enjoy your beautiful new home!