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A home and its property are inextricably linked in a marriage that can be as successful as it can be fruitless. Architects recognize the importance of this relationship and make site planning the first order of business when approaching the design of a new home or renovation.

Be it a rolling meadow or a precipitous cliff, every house is joined to a site that will directly inform its massing and layout. The unique characteristics of a property should be seen more as opportunity than a challenge...
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If you’ve ever dealt with a municipality regarding zoning and bylaw regulations you’re probably well aware that this can be a frustrating and confusing experience.

Something allowed in West Vancouver might be prohibited in North Van. So it’s essential you check the regulations before you start designing.

“Every district and municipality has their own set of zoning requirements” states Ross Graham, principal at Kallweit Graham Architecture...
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Should I Stay...

Homeowners these days are faced with countless decisions when approaching the renovation of their new home but one that’s rarely considered is whether it’s financially worth it to stay where they are.

In a construction market gone wild the cost of renovating has escalated to unprecedented levels. It’s something one needs to reflect upon before embarking on a project.

Ross Graham, Senior Partner of Kallweit Graham Architecture, has provided countless architectural consultations over the last decade...
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