Since 1993, our Vancouver residential architects and designers have excelled in collaborating with our clients to create practical, well-considered and unique design solutions for all types of residential projects. We’ve worked with clients, city officials and builders from many different communities in BC; principally in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam. But also as far away as Terrace, Kitimat and Vernon.


The RenoReport™

Without the RenoReport we may have proceeded to construction without an Architect’s plan and would have been in danger of decreasing rather than increasing the value of our home.
Kris & Andy

The RenoReport is an extremely valuable tool, showing the “big picture” so the planning can proceed without all the nasty surprises we have all heard about.
Kris & Andy

After admiring one of Karen’s designs in our neighbourhood, I met with her to discuss a possible renovation to our home. During our meeting, Karen listened carefully to my wishes and suggestions; the resulting RenoReport clearly reflected those requests. It was most helpful having facts and figures (and a delightful sketch of what is now our “new” home) clearly and professionally consolidated into a well organized booklet. The RenoReport helped us in making the correct decision.

We were stuck… move or stay, move or stay? It was time consuming for everyone. Thing is, we really like our current location. With the RenoReport, Karen & Ross did a great job showing us how we could renovate our home.
Rebecca & Craig

Ten years ago, we hired KGA to prepare a RenoReport for our little 50’s bungalow. We were growing out of space and were considering whether to expand or move. We loved KGA’s design concept and their financial analysis gave us the confidence to proceed. Our home was completely transformed – not only did we gain the needed space but KGA gave our home style and character and unbeatable livability. We’ve enjoyed the improved views, the comfortable traffic patterns and everything about our “new” homes’ feel. After ten years in the renovated home our lives have changed, and we no longer need the added space. Recently we sold the home (with great regret). The results were astounding. Our pre-renovation bungalow, in today’s market, would be a teardown. The renovated home sold a week after the sign went up, and two days after the weekend open houses. (The Kallweit Graham name on the listing proved to be a very effective draw!) We’re still in shock over the amount we received, far over the asking price.
To put it simply, if we compare the teardown value to the value of the renovated home, we more than triples our renovation investment. Thank you for the home we lived in for ten years, where the kids grew up and for the value you added when the time came to sell.
Cheryl & Eric

I really liked the RenoReport because it broke down the barriers to our attitude that architectural services weren’t important to our home renovation process. Contractors can’t renovate your home without proper drawings!
- Brian

We had champagne tastes and a beer budget.
Having done many renovations in the past we pondered with our own design, but couldn’t quite make it work. Through the eyes of Ross and Karen we came up with a very attractive but functional design and a plan of attack to suit our budget.
We started with the RenoReport and proceeded with the drawings.
Kallweit Graham Architects are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.
Angie & Keith

For us, the RenoReport was a necessary first step in answering a lot of questions. Where do we want to live, what was important to us, how much would the reno cost and how long would it take?
- Lisa & Pierre

We knew we wanted to renovate our home, but had a million different ideas. The RenoReport has really helped give us a direction. Even though we’re not quite ready to renovate, the report guided us with small improvements, such as those needed for our babies nursery.
- Rosalinda

The RenoReport gave us a realistic breakdown of what lay ahead, and helped us visualize the possibilities’ for our home.

General Testimonials

We worked with KGA over a period of twelve months and communicated with them on a frequent basis. Our inquiries were always met with a swift and responsive reply.

We were extremely please with the level of professionalism shown and more particularly were very please with the artistry of the people involved that led to a beautiful product.

We very much appreciated the attention to budgets and fiscal responsibility.

We have had many compliments on the finished product and believe that much of the credit goes to the vision that KGA had for our house. We could not recommend them more highly.

You guys did a great job for us.

For Catherine and I, the big value you added was peace of mind. We really thought of you as a partner in our project and that you were always looking out for our best interests.

With KGA’s very complete drawings and interior specs, our builder was able to give us a competitive fixed price to build the house.

KGA removed a lot of the stress from the process for us and at the end of the day our project came in on time and budget.

KGA guided us through the whole process in a very professional and efficient manner. They are a super team to work with and I would not hesitate to refer my friends and relatives.

Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf. Our entire experience with your firm has been exceptional.

We would like to express how absolutely pleased we are with the outcome of our renovations. We honestly believe there’s not a thing we would have done differently.
– Kelly

The skills and talents you brought to our project added that extra flair, quality and clear definition that is so often missing in home renovations.

Having heard of so many ‘disaster’ projects, we feel thrilled knowing that ours was on budget, on time and resulted in an even better end product than your coloured rendering.

Although we are both intelligent, highly educated individuals with prior renovation experience, we did not fully appreciate the scope of the job required to achieve our goals. KGA scoped the project and showed us how we could complete the renovation in phases. This allowed us to plan our finances without having to take any emergency steps during the construction phase.
Kris & Andy

We have and will continue to highly recommend Kallweit Graham to our friends, colleagues (and some strangers whom asked about our renovation) to design any construction project.
Kris & Andy

Our experience with Ross, Karen and the rest of the Kallweit Graham crew was excellent from beginning to end.
Kris & Andy

As our project moved toward completion, we’re delighted with the reality of our new home, and very gratified by the reactions and complements that we’ve received from everyone who has seen the house throughout the construction process.
Betty-Lou & Glen

We are building our new home on the site where we have lived since 1983. We like our neighbours and our community, and with Kallweit Graham’s help we now have the home we always dreamed of.
Betty-Lou & Glen

Absolutely everyone that comes into our home comments on how gorgeous it is. Almost every car that drives down our street slows down to look at our house and several people have actually made a point of rolling down their windows to tell us how much they love the look of our home.

I really enjoyed working with KGA’s Interior Designer. I feel that she was very in tune with my style and my needs and she always gave me a selection of perfect materials to choose from.

I would do this type of project over again in a heartbeat since the result has been so satisfying.

Our result was absolutely breathtaking. I can honestly say that you do get what you pay for and you can never underestimate having a team like KGA creating the home that you will want to spend the rest of your life in.

We were very pleased working with KGA on our new home design. The architects took time to acknowledge the best profile and siting for the house and listened to our vision. We felt we were listened to and technical terms were explained. It felt like a partnership with much collaboration.

We have recommended KGA and will continue to do so. One of the greatest satisfactions is people’s feedback – drivers slow down to look at the house and people comment about the level of thought and detail that went into the planning. Our house offers a continuum of lines, the rooms flow and every space is utilized without being cluttered. People use words like ‘harmony, continuity and clean lines.’
- Colleen

KGA listened. Was thoughtful, professional and knew when and how to offer suggestions to ensure continuity and best design.

KGA was a good choice – very practical, with a view to maintaining existing clean lines and simple architecture.
- Bruce

It helps to establish the ‘reality’ of a project.
KGA’s experience and knowledge of the various aspects of listening to the client, interpreting the needs and putting the clients ideas on paper are what anyone thinking of renovating, building or moving needs to go through.
Lisa & Pierre

We enjoyed working with Karen and Ross and felt that they really cared about the advise and options they offered us.
Lisa & Pierre

From the perspective of a client and builder, Kallweit Graham is very professional in all their undertakings. In my experience, they always went that extra mile for the benefit of the client and their project.

I am confident in reassuring potential clients that Kallweit Graham Architecture will approach their project with creativity and professional rigor.
- Jim

Your firm is fantastic because Ross has an understanding of what the contractor has to do and how long it will take.
Jamie & Duane

KGA was very attentive to our tastes and preferences and very open to suggestions for changes.

Many architects can do a competent job of designing an addition that matches an existing house. KGA’s design actually improves on the original design. We’ve had dozens of compliments from neighbours and passers-by, and the new house is a joy to live in. It looks better now than I ever imagined it could.
- Eric

I was very impressed with Kallweit Graham’s style of project management. They really stressed the importance of having detailed construction documents for controlling costs and achieving the kind of quality we were looking for. With their very complete architectural drawings and interior specifications, our builder was able to give us a competitive fixed price to build the house. This removed a lot of the stress from the process for us and at the end of the day our project came in on time and budget.