Home renovation – Before and after

The key to your successful home renovation project is to always know where you’re going before you start.

The renovations shown in these ‘before and after’ photos are located from one end of Vancouver to the other, and started with the KGA RenoReport™. The RenoReport has proven to be an indispensable tool in helping our clients get off on a sound footing.

Our Vancouver architects and designers have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to assisting you make informed, well-founded decisions regarding the renovation potential of your home.

For every project that goes ahead based on the information and design ideas in our RenoReport™, there are an equal number of RenoReports that give our client reason to pause. The information in the RenoReport™ is very often instrumental in helping our client make the decision to not renovate; to take a different course of action, thereby avoiding a potential disaster.

Please enjoy this sampling of our home renovation before and after photos, and contact us with any enquiries.














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