Landscape Designer – Greater Vancouver samples

As landscape designers, we appreciate that all homes are immeasurably more livable when the inside and the outside spaces blur together, and the transition from one to the other is natural and seamless.

This is especially so in Vancouver with our mild and (sometimes) sunny weather and our beautiful natural landscape.

Lush lawns, shady terraces, swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens and living rooms; all outdoor spaces that, when designed thoughtfully, will expand your home beyond its walls to the outdoor spaces and all the way out to the borders of your property.

At KGA, our landscape designers and architects are not limited to the exterior walls of your house. We always consider the “big picture” and ensure what is happening inside your home relates closely to what’s happening in the garden. We design from the property lines, in, to use every part of your property as living space, thus creating a much more spacious and livable home, inside and out.

Please enjoy this sampling of our Vancouver area residential landscapes, and contact us with any enquiries.




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